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Customized High Frequency Generator
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Product Description High frequency heating of dielectric, a heating method that USES the electric field generated by a high frequency power source to heat dielectric. The medium to be heated is placed between two plates connected to a 0.5~100 MHZ high frequency generator. Part of the energy of the high-frequency electric field is converted into heat energy due to the loss of the medium, making the medium hot. Because heat is generated in the medium, heating is fast and even, it is commonly used in industry to dry wood, wool, rubber, plastic, food disinfection and manufacturing plywood, etc Product Application In recent years, the high frequency medium heating technology is suitable for household production, wood gluing, board edge sealing and other processes. Product Advantage The advantage of HF machine: 1.The heating process is easily controlled 2.Short processing period 3.Small working area 4.Low labor intensity Products Specification Power: ~380 50HZ Three-phase four-wire system Input power: 40KVA Power adjustment: manual Five grade power to adjustable Filament voltage: 7.5V Electronic tube: FU834 Central oscillation frequency: 6.7MHZ Oscillation power: 鈮?0KW Overall efficiency: under a good match state 鈮?0% Load form: flat capacitance Output adjustment mode: manual vacuum variable capacitive Output form: unilateral output Safety protection: high pressure over-current protection, main transformer overload protection, loop short circuit and spark protection , Anode over-current protection Range of application: board jointing, wood bending, wood floor, integrated timber, science and technology wood, wood drying etc Other technical conditions: meet GB5959路1-86 GB5959路9-86 GB/T10067路5-93 prescribed technical conditions Electromagnetic radiation and protection: meet GB8702-88 standard Work environment: humidity鈮?5% temperature+10锝?5鈩?/p> Equipment Size: 1050脳1600脳1860mm Supply ability 30 Set/Sets per Month Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: Standard export packing, plastic and foam, fixed by wood pallet, shipped Nearest Port: Tianjin, China Our Factory ZHUOCHI TECH CO., LTD. is an company specializing in the development and sales of complete sets of high-frequency dielectric heating equipment. The equipment developed by our company is widely used in drying, heat sealing, gluing, molding, and etc. We have more than 30 years experience in this field. We have experienced technical team, mature production technology, advanced quality control system and strong after sales team.Customized High Frequency Generator website:

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