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Non-standard Material Custom Bushing
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Our History The company was established in 1999, from the initial deep groove ball bearing to the current deep groove ball, cone, cylindrical three series plus more than 10 varieties and more than 700 types of sleeves. Our Factory Our Product Deep groove ball bearing series (motor bearings, thin-wall bearings, forklift roller bearings), cylindrical bearings, tapered bearings. Product Application Automobiles, air compressors, motors, sports equipment, driving ranks. Our Certificate ISO9001 registered trademark XWL Production Equipment Connecting automatic lathes, CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines, bearing special grinding machine lines, automatic assembly machines. Production Market Domestic OEMs directly support the supply, 80%-95% of the matching amount is supplied, and 70% of the company's products are sold to Shuoshi Company. Our Service Provide samples for the products required by manufacturers in various industries to meet technical requirements and stable processes to meet the supply.Non-standard Material Custom Bushing website:

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